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IFA calls for pork labelling system

A new pork labelling system, based on the type introduced recently in Britain, should be adopted by the Department of Agriculture, the IFA has claimed.

Tim Cullinan, of the IFA pigs committee, has urged the Department to follow the example of their British counterparts and introduce a code of practice for labelling pork products, which could end misleading claims over so-called 'Irish' meat.

The voluntary British code is being drawn up after consultation with producers, processors and major retailers and will see the retail chains and processors display the origin of the pork on the front of packets.

Mr Cullinan said: "It is time a similar code is put in place by the Irish Government. Misleading labelling is costing jobs in this economy, as inferior imports displace quality Irish produce," Mr Cullinan claimed.

"The UK Department of Agriculture [Defra] has acknowledged that misleading labelling is having a serious impact on pig producers. The four main retailers have signed up to the code, which will put an end to ambiguous labelling," he said.

Irish Independent