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IFA beef report finds 'no pot of gold' for farmers


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The long-awaited report on the beef sector by economist Jim Power will be presented at the IFA's National Council today.

Power was commissioned by the IFA in January 2019 to report on the beef sector to determine if there is money to be made in beef and if so, who is making it.

The report was initially due to be released last autumn, but was put on hold, with one IFA source saying the organisation was hoping to include additional work in it.

The report was presented on Friday to members of the IFA national executive and is understood to point the finger of blame for low producer prices at retailers.

However, the amount of information received from the factories for the report is also understood to be limited.

It's also understood that there was no 'pot of gold uncovered' for beef farmers.


The report found that factories are operating a low-margin business across the board.

It's understood that the commitment by the Minister of Agriculture, Michael Creed, to examine the QPS grid has meant that this aspect of the trade is not covered in the report.

Meanwhile, IFA has extended the deadline for staff to respond to an early retirement scheme.

It's understood that seven of the 16 staff who were offered the package are based in IFA headquarters in Bluebell, while nine are regionally based.

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