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Saturday 21 April 2018

Icy roads force IGA to postpone event

The annual dairy conference of the Irish Grassland Association has been postponed until Wednesday, January 27.

The decision to postpone the event, which was due to be held today, was made after road conditions deteriorated in the south over the weekend.

For further information visit or telephone 1890 843 442.

Gowing calls for blood donations

Macra president Michael Gowing has called on members to replenish falling blood supplies by donating blood.

The appeal comes in light of a warning from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service that it may not be able to meet hospital demand because the weather has hit attendance at its blood donation clinics.

A list of clinics is available at

HSI: Owners must focus on welfare

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Horse Sport Ireland has reminded owners to keep their horse's welfare foremost in their minds in the current weather conditions.

Joe Collins, president of Veterinary Ireland, has outlined five key areas to safeguard their welfare:

  • Check that horses have access to an adequate supply of water -- water pipes and automatic drinkers may be frozen;
  • Supply forage on an ad-lib basis, supplemented with concentrates, so the horse can generate large amounts of heat in the digestion process;
  • Provide shelter from driving winds and rain by erecting barriers, such as waterproof rugs, hedges and man-made structures, and don't clip natural hair or groom all the natural oils from its coat;
  • Check horses at least once a day for signs of illness or injury;
  • Remember horses fare best in groups and when they have jobs to do, and they enjoy the company of other animals.

Further information is available on the HSI website at

Nicholl becomes FTMTA president

Northern Ireland's Norman Nicholl is to take over as president of the Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) this month for a one-year term.

As the first Northern Ireland-based member to become president of the association, Mr Nicholl said he aims to grow the association's membership.

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