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ICSA reform rules to prevent internal rows

Changes to the administrative structures and decision-making procedures of both livestock sectors -- beef and suckler farming -- of the ICSA are to be considered at the association's AGM, which will be held in Dublin on Thursday week.

The necessity for reform in both sectors has resulted from the serious internal clash on policy and decision-making which has festered over the past year.

Members attending the meeting will be asked to consider two possible options to avoid future conflict regarding policy.

It is understood that both the beef and suckler committees will retain independence, with a requirement for all motions going to the executive from either committee to have prior agreement from the other.

A possible merger of both committees into a Livestock Committee, with responsibility for both the beef and suckler sectors, has also been touted.

The ICSA beef committee and the association's national council have been at loggerheads for the past 10 months due to divergent views on the Quality Payment System (QPS) for cattle.

The grid is supported by the national council but is opposed by the beef committee.

The motions before the AGM are an attempt to introduce new procedures and structures to resolve any future internal disputes.

Martin Ryan

Indo Farming