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ICSA calls for action on SFP fears

ICSA president Gabriel Gilmartin has called on the Department of Agriculture to tackle single farm payment (SFP) application confusion by immediately holding farmer meetings in every county.

Mr Gilmartin said there was a serious risk that this year's SFP scheme applications would again lead to a bureaucratic nightmare.

"Despite the mess last year with widespread confusion about changes to maps, it seems that there is a strong risk of even more problems this year," said the ICSA chief.


"Already there are serious concerns that the maps posted out to farmers are not as accurate as the on-screen version on the Department computers. Farmers are confused as to whether they need to amend maps again or not," he warned.

"The Department can prevent a lot of chaos and confusion if it gets out to meet farmers now, rather than prevaricating."

Meanwhile, the ICSA has reiterated its claim that beef should reach €4/kg this year, which it says would be nothing outlandish, given the scarcity of cattle and the reality of escalating costs.

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