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Monday 22 January 2018

ICMSA turmoil threatens to split the organisation

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

Continuing turmoil at the ICMSA is threatening to tear it apart, a senior member of the association has claimed.

His comments followed angry exchanges during a stormy meeting of the ICMSA national council in Limerick last week.

An ongoing review of the role of the association's general secretary, Ciaran Dolan, has caused serious divisions at national council level.

These differences, which follow broadly along the lines of the Jackie Cahill/Pat O'Rourke divide in the association, have been exacerbated by a dispute regarding the minutes of a previous national council meeting.

The leadership has refused to read out the full minutes from the meeting in question, citing legal advice for the decision.

However, a dissenting group of delegates claimed that legal advice which they had received stated that the minutes could be read out if they were a "true and accurate" record of events from the meeting.

It is understood that the review of Mr Dolan's role has been completed and that the findings will be presented to the association's administrative committee within weeks.

It will then have to be discussed by the national council.

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