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ICMSA rift sparked by Dolan review

There were sharp exchanges during a stormy ICMSA national council meeting last week over the ongoing review of the performance of the association's general secretary, Ciaran Dolan.

The review is being carried out by the association's administrative committee and is due to be finalised within the next fortnight.

However, it is opposed by many within the organisation and it has caused a serious rift at national council level.

The divisions follow broadly on the lines of the Cahill/ O'Rourke split within the ICMSA, with supporters of the current president Jackie Cahill backing the review, while those of former president Pat O'Rourke are against it.

Some members of the association claim the review is the result of political undertakings given in connection to a disputed election within the Laois executive several years ago.

However, supporters of the process strongly rejected this assertion and claimed that it was strictly focused on the performance of Mr Dolan.

It is understood Mr Dolan questioned the basis for the review process at last week's national council meeting.

He allegedly told the meeting that he didn't accept the right of the administrative committee to set up a review and he claimed that the removal of files from his office was a breach of the Data Protection Act.

No easy compromise appears to be in sight as positions and opinions on both sides seem to have become more entrenched.

The administration committee comprises Frank Allen and Ger Quain of Limerick, John Comer of Mayo, Donal Harte of west Cork, Tim Fitzgerald of Laois, James Hennessy of Kilkenny, Eamon Carroll of Tipperary, Conor Creedon of Kerry and Mr Cahill.

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