Farm Ireland

Wednesday 25 April 2018

ICMSA out to halt metal thieves

The ICMSA is compiling information on the extent of metal theft from farms, a type of crime recently labelled as "epidemic" by the farmer body.

Farmers who have suffered this type of theft of metal and scrap can contact the ICMSA at 061 314 677, where the details of the theft will be handled in strict confidence.

Farmers can also contact the association by email at

"There's no doubt that the extent of this particular type of crime has been seriously underestimated, and if the Government is to be persuaded to take the measures necessary to curb its spread into every parish and corner of the country then it will be necessary for farmers to be able to instance 'chapter and verse' of cases where metal has been stolen from their farms," said ICMSA president John Comer.

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