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Saturday 17 March 2018

ICMSA call on processors to pay more

The ICMSA has accused milk processors of holding back 2c/l from suppliers and claimed that a price of over 35c/l should be paid.

"Based on current quotations and returns from the marketplace as reported from a number of sources, ICMSA believe that co-ops should be paying a price well in excess of 35c/l (VAT inclusive), which is at least 2c/l higher than the price they are currently paying," claimed Pat McCormack of the ICMSA dairy committee.

He pointed out that such an increase would equate to an additional €650 in the May milk cheque for a supplier with a 230,000-litre quota.

"In the context of the increased costs this year and with many farmers still dealing with the fallout of 2009, the market improvements must be passed back to farmers," Mr McCormack said. "We can't have the co-ops sitting on the increased prices they're receiving and not passing them on to their own milk suppliers."

Declan O'Brien

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