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Wednesday 25 April 2018

IBEC: All eyes are on new markets

Michael Barry, dairy policy executive

"This is a tremendous opportunity to exploit our expansion potential without requiring huge capital investment at farm level.

"However, I think it's important that industry leaders recognise that the low input system is not the only show in town.

We saw high input systems in Northern Ireland remain just as resilient during the price downturn in 2008.

"So I think we should be open to more research and support for year-round production systems. We need to explore such systems if we are to reduce the investment required.

"The market that we'll be selling this milk into has changed.

"We can no longer count on the EU as the last-resort buyer anymore. The UK is a finite-sized market, if not one that is actually shrinking due to constant downward pressure on the inclusion rates of dairy fats in all dairy products.


"There is also a move towards locally produced products in the UK and the EU.

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"So we're going to need to aggressively target new global markets with new products which will require significant investment in innovation and market development."

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