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Thursday 22 March 2018

IAM unveils mix system

Strautmann importers IAM in Kilkenny is to introduce a new discharge system for vertical mixer wagons.

Similar to many others in the industry, Strautmann has added the conveyor system, which they call the C-conveyor, as an option on 7.5-28m3 models.

Conveyor systems on vertical diet mixer/feeders are increasingly being offered by manufacturers as a flexible method of coping with different housing and trough designs.

According to IAM, the new C-conveyor system is a crossover conveyor, which allows it to feed out on both sides and is based on a flexible frame structure.

As a pure crossover conveyor, it can discharge within a range of up to 400mm either side of the machine when the conveyor is in a central position. Operating as an 'elevating conveyor', the C-conveyor can discharge with an additional height of up to 600mm, bringing the overall discharge height up to 1.4m. It can do this on the left or right-hand side and with a lateral displacement of 400mm.

The conveyor system is operated entirely from the operator's seat.

For more information, contact your local dealer by logging onto IAM's website,, or call IAM on 056 776 5826.

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