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Saturday 16 December 2017

HSI unveils online register

Horse Sport Ireland has developed an online version of the Irish Horse Register called Capalloir.

The database contains records for more than 320,000 horses, with pedigree dating back to before 1900.

In cases where horses competed internationally, there is a live link directly to that horse's performance on the FEI website.

In time, it is hoped to extend this to other competition organisations.

Horse Sport Ireland chairman Joe Walsh said that the new database would be a 'game changer' for the sector in Ireland.

"This new database will provide objective information to breeders and those involved in the sector, and it will be an invaluable tool for anyone thinking of breeding or buying an Irish Sport Horse or Irish Draught Horse," he said.

"We in Horse Sport Ireland see our role in the sector as providing objective information. Following on from the new breeders' magazine and the enhanced stallion book, this is the next and most significant step in that process," he said.

All members of the Irish Horse Board who paid their annual renewal before March 28 have now been invited to participate in a trial of the system, which will run until April 29.

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However, the system is open to public view on the Horse Sport Ireland website, where browsers can carry out a limited search and view a demonstration of how the new system will work. This can be accessed from the Horse Sport Ireland website and then by clicking on the link to 'Breeding'.

It is intended that, following a comprehensive review of feedback during the trial phase and the inclusion of some additional features, Capalloir will be launched in June.

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