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Tuesday 12 December 2017

How to make your claim for payment

Tom Ryan

A claim for payment is made on a Dairy Equipment Scheme (DES) 20 form, which will arrive with your other documentation from the Department of Agriculture.

This form needs to be filled in carefully with details such as receipt numbers, names of supplier/service provider, description of investment, date of receipt, expiry date of tax clearance cert of contractors if required, amount claimed per item and total amount claimed (excluding VAT).

Original receipts will also have to be submitted with the claim and these will not be returned until after the grant is paid. Only get receipts for items that are approved for grant aid. If receipts have items on them that are not on the approval or items you are not claiming a grant on, cross them out on the receipt and do not write them into the DES 20 form.

If you do, you will incur a penalty if the amount of over-claim is more than 3pc of the amount eligible for grant.

The penalty will then depend on the amount of the overclaim; the bigger the overclaim the bigger the penalty.

It is not deemed to be an overclaim if approved items cost more than you had originally planned, eg, due to installing a milking machine with more automation.

A claim for 'own labour/ machinery' is not eligible for any investment under the Dairy Equipment Scheme.

Certain certificates must be submitted with the claim for payment. Where electrical equipment is being grant aided, an ETCI electrical completion certificate and a supplementary agricultural certification form must be filled in and signed by a registered electrician and be submitted with the payment claim.

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If the person installing the milking machine or bulk tank is not an electrician, but is trained in the installation and wiring of this equipment (as far as the main farm supply) then he needs to supply a Certificate of Installation of Mechanical/electrical Equipment for the work he has performed. Your milking machine or bulk tank supplier will be familiar with this form. In this case, the electrical certificates need only cover the main farm supply up to the isolator to which the equipment is connected.

If the electrician does all the wiring, then only the electrical certificates are required. No certificates are required for concrete because construction work is not being grant aided.

Where new milking equipment is being installed, it must be tested by a registered milking machine technician and a signed IMQCS test report submitted with the claim for payment. Regardless of grant, every new or extended milking machine should be issued with a test report. You can check to see if your milking machine technician/installer is registered on the IMQCS website, at

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