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how to keep your topper in tip-top working order

An important part of grassland management is topping pastures and fields to control growth of rogue grasses and weeds.

While regular mowers are sometimes used to undertake this task, the principle tool used is the humble topper.

Here in Ireland we have an extensive range of brands to choose from with an enormous number of these built at home by Irish agricultural machinery manufacturers.

For the most part toppers are simple and tough machines, from single rotor, three-point linkage machines up to wide trailed machines.

The majority used here in Ireland tend to be either three-point linkage or trailed twin rotor machines in the region of eight to 10 foot wide.

While simple in design, usually with two large, tough blades or flails per rotor, they are often expected to carry out their work in all manner of conditions, wet or dry. Between yearly outings, storage might just be a sheltered corner of the yard so it is worth spending a little time going through it to nip any problems in the bud.

The following quick guide should help.

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