Farm Ireland

Saturday 26 May 2018

Hosting RTE's big farm week

All this week Farming Independent writer John Fagan's farm is hosting RTE's Big Week on the Farm programme, which is being broadcast for one hour live from his Westmeath premises every evening at 7pm.

"It's been just manic here for weeks," said John of the build-up. "I suppose I didn't realise at first what an all-consuming thing this becomes and just how big the show was going to be.

"But it's been great craic, and the all the clean-up is something that I should have been doing anyway, so this just gave me that extra push to do it."

One of John's sheds has been converted into a TV studio capable of hosting a live audience of 100, while cameras have been combing the scenic farm for weeks capturing footage of daily life on the farm.

"We've had camera crews down here every other day for months now, but it wasn't all about farming as such. There's been a big emphasis on capturing the wildlife on the farm, especially in the part that borders the lake.

"I didn't realise the diversity of wildlife until I saw the footage, so it's been a real eye-opener for me," he said.

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