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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Horse care fundamentals

There are some essential areas of horse care where corners should never be cut. These are the fundamentals of responsible horse ownership. Short-term savings can put the horses welfare at risk and can cost the owner a lot more in the long run.

  • Proper veterinary care: Do not be tempted to diagnose and treat a condition yourself.
  • Vaccinations: Lapsed vaccinations leave your horse vulnerable to disease.
  • Regular hoof care: Taking shoes off to save money without consulting your vet or farrier could lead to lameness and expense, as some horses are not able to go barefoot.
  • Worming and dental checks: These essentials can be reviewed but not avoided.
  • Professional services: Do not employ a cheaper, unqualified person to do a professional's job.
  • Safety: Repairs to damaged property and equipment are vital to safeguard your horse's safety and security.
  • Insurance: If you are not insured against veterinary fees, you must be confident that you could pay an unexpected veterinary bill.

For more information on how to cut costs without compromising welfare, visit the National Equine Welfare Council advice at

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