Farm Ireland

Sunday 19 November 2017


Having loaded the twin-axle trailer with a decent jog of heavy, wet dung, we hooked up the MF 5455 to the load. MF uses Irish manufacturer Dromone as its hitch supplier, and the unit on this tractor featured a hydraulic telescopic facility. One of the tractor's three hydraulic double-acting services was used for this facility and MF had integrated the telescopic hitch plumbing into the spool valve connections. It used a manual diverter valve and lever to isolate the telescopic facility when you need to use this spool, so there was no plugging/un-plugging of pipes.

The only criticism I have is the position of the hook/clevis storage facility. This is situated under the diesel tank in front of the cab steps on the left-hand side. It is not a big problem to remove the clevis drawbar. Trying to refit it back up into the storage bracket was not as easy as it first seemed. The easiest way was to lie on my back to put it into place. There has to be a better storage spot!

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