Highest placed thoroughbred to be rewarded at Kedrah Castle event

New eventing venue Kedrah Castle in Co Tipperary is gearing up for its third Eventing Ireland horse trials competition this Sunday, August 26.

The course, owned by Pat and Ann Meagher, is also a hunter trials, dressage and carriage driving venue and has been revamped for Eventing Ireland competitions in the past two years.

It is also open to the public for cross-country schooling and showjumping training in the outdoor sand arena.

Mr Meagher has been ably assisted by course designer, Norman van de Vater, who has previously worked on the Waterford's Camphire Horse Trials.


"If our course continues to be received well by riders we hope to upgrade from a 1* to a 2* next year," explained Mr Meagher.

The longer 2* event will incorporate part of a gravel pit located on the Meagher farm.

This weekend's competition will include 14 classes, ranging from Pony C, Intro and Pre-Novice classes right up to CNC1* classes.

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In addition to the usual prizes, there are two additional prizes on offer this weekend.

The first is a framed oil painting by Celia Richards for the CNC 1* star winner, worth at least €400.

The second prize is €250 plus a run for the highest-placed thoroughbred, sponsored by Irish Thoroughbred Marketing.

For more information on Kedrah Castle, find them on Facebook under Kedrah Castle Equestrian.

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