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Tuesday 20 March 2018

High demand for weanlings of U and E grade

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

There was "exceptional demand" for U and E grade weanlings at Carnew Mart on Saturday, which had a large entry of 780 cattle and 100 calves.

Otherwise, the selling trade was similar to the previous week, with strong demand for bullocks and heifers, particularly the quality lots.

Beef and forward store bullocks made €280-485 over, store bullocks sold for €180-420 over, beef heifers made €210-425 over, store heifers achieved €150-365 over and weanling bulls made €220-800 over.

Trade was also strong for continental calves, while it was more mixed for Friesians, depending on size and quality.

Continental bulls made €190-345 over, Hereford and Angus bulls made €140-290 over, continental heifers made €120-285 over, Hereford and Angus heifers made €85-195 over and Friesian bulls made €45-168 over.

Mountbellew Mart's cattle sale moves to its new Friday slot this week at 11am.

Visiting farmers from the North got great value at Maam Cross Mart, where there was a steady demand for all stock.

Bullocks averaged €187/100kg up to €200/100kg, heifers made €175/100kg up to a maximum of €212/100kg and weanlings made €202/100kg on average up to a maximum of €266/100kg.

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The heifer trade was strongest at Ballinakill Mart in Co Laois on Saturday, but bullocks also sold well. Plainer lots were slower.

Heavy bullocks sold for €370-450 over, forward stores made €300-420 over, light stores made €275-385 over, beef heifers made €310-455 over, store heifers sold for €200-345 over and dry cows made from €50 under to €100 over.

Prices held at the previous week's rates at Balla Mart at the weekend, where there was a good trade reported for the 1,200 cattle on offer.

Beef bullocks made €220-480 over, store bullocks sold for €200-530 over, beef heifers made €200-450 over, store heifers made €180-520 over, dry cows sold for €400-1,000/hd and in-calf cows and cows with calves at foot made €700-1,460/hd.

Bull weanlings made €400-1,050/hd in Balla and heifer weanlings made €300-800/hd.

Dowra Mart had 880 cattle on offer, with a very strong trade for all classes. A special sale of weanling bulls met a sharp trade, with the general run making €300-450 over, while the fancy lots made from €500 over and up to €850 over the weight.

Store heifers and weanling heifers made from €200-400 over, with the top lots making up to €650 over. Store bullocks made from €250-500 over for the best of the continental lots. Dry cows made from €50 under up to €300 over for younger cows.

There were big numbers also at Headford Mart, where bullocks were making €200-600 over, heifers made €150-530 over, weanling bulls sold for €200-700 over, weanling heifers made €100-620 over, suckler cows sold for €700-1,350/hd and cull cows made €350-1,150/hd.

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