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Monday 11 December 2017

Heifers get off to a great start to 2013

Joe Healy

The New Year saw a pretty lively start to the cattle mart trade. While only a handful of the salesyards returned to action last week, they reported keen demand at the ringside, especially for finished stock and quality forward stores.

Well-fleshed heifers were probably the best sellers, with one mart reporting price hikes of €40/hd for all heifers. Fat heifers sold for €2.00-2.40/kg or €550-1,000 with the weight.

Heavy steers sold for €2.10-2.30/kg, while stores sold for €1.90-2.50/kg. Suckler cows and heifers due to scanned to calve in February/March sold for €1,000-1,500/hd. Cull cows made €1.50-2.00/kg.

Prices for freshly calved dairy heifers, whether sold through marts or off the farm, were €1,050-1,400/hd. Friesian bull calves sold for €100-200/hd, while Continental bull calves sold for €300-400/hd.

Continental heifers sold for €250-350/hd, with some some fancy lots making a bit more.

Dowra Mart had 180 cattle on offer on Saturday but the trade showed little change from the period leading up to Christmas.

Heifers over 550kg made €2.10-2.40/kg and stores from 400-500kg made €1.90-2.50/kg. Store bullocks sold for €1.90-2.45kg, while weanling bulls over 450kg made €2.00-2.50/kg. Lighter bulls averaged €2.45/kg.

Older cull cows made €1.00-1.50/kg while younger and well-fleshed cows sold for €1.50-1.90/kg. A few "cow-heifers" made up to €2.20/kg. In-calf suckler heifers sold for €1,300-1,630. Plainer lots sold for €900-1,250 each.

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Store bullocks at Ballybay Mart sold for €300-620 with the €/kg, with a top price of €955 over for a 580kg Limousin steer. Continental and Angus heifers made €350-560 with their weight. Warm Friesian cull cows of 600-700kg made €300-390 over the weight.

In the suck calf section, Friesian bulls sold for €115-175/hd. Continental bull and heifer prices were in or around €350/hd and €260/hd respectively. Some older stronger calves made €350-500/hd. A lone Friesian heifer calved just 12 days sold for €1,500.

Carnew had 300 cattle on offer and reported a very strong trade. Prices for all heifers increased by €40/hd. Beef heifers sold for €620-1,010 with their weight. Stores made €350-820 over.

Weanling bulls traded for €350-800 over the €/kg. Cull cows sold for €400-910 with their weight. Continental bull calves sold for €280-440/hd and suck heifer calves made €300-420/hd.

Heavy continental steers over 650kg at Tullow Mart sold for €800-975 with their weight or €2.10-2.28/kg Stores around the 400kg mark made €385-485 with the €/kg or up to €2.35/kg.

Roscrea Mart will hold its fatstock show and sale next Friday

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