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Heavy lambs prove most popular

Fleshy lambs were the best sellers this week, where prices reached up to an average of €120/hd, while the store lamb trade also remained firm.

Heavy lambs around the 50kg+ mark sold for €50-60 over the weight in Athenry Mart on Monday.

Sheep prices were back on December prices at this week's Maam Cross Mart sales.

On average, lambs made €49/hd up to a maximum of €85/hd. Hogget prices averaged €52-69/hd. In-lamb ewes sold for an average of €55/hd and cull ewes made €42/hd.

Mountbellew Mart had a large number of sheep on offer and trade was slightly easier for hoggets, although the store lamb trade remained firm. Demand was also good for cull ewes and in-lamb ewes.

Hogget prices ranged from €78-107/hd. Prices for cull ewes ranged from €51-113/hd, with strong demand for the heavier lots. In-lamb ewes and ewes with lambs at foot made €120-137/hd.

It was a similar story at Dowra Mart on Saturday as there was a slight easing in the trade. The best of the hoggets made €90-121/hd while the lighter ones made €50-80/hd.

Heavy cull ewes sold for €60-90/hd and the lighter ewes made €40-60/hd. Ewes with lambs at foot made up to €150/hd and in-lamb ewes achieved €80-100/hd.

Fleshy hoggets were the top sellers at Headford Mart on Thursday, where 450 sheep were offered for sale.

On average, hoggets sold for €88-115/hd, ewe hoggets made €95-112/hd, store lambs achieved €65-78/hd and cull ewes were sold for €25-88/hd.

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