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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Heavy duty traction

New Holland's latest T7 models combine the power of large frame tractors with the versatility of medium frame units

Prices for the new T7 heavy duty New Holland tractors have been set as €246,832 for the T7.315 (pictured) and €234,082 for the T7.290.
Prices for the new T7 heavy duty New Holland tractors have been set as €246,832 for the T7.315 (pictured) and €234,082 for the T7.290.
The two new T7 models can mount larger group 48 and 49 tyres (2050mm and 2170mm diameters), with a rear tyre width up to 900mm.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

New Holland is expanding its tractor offering for 2016 with two brand new models, the T7.290 and T7.315. The numbering system reflects the engine horsepower, which is significant, but both have a shorter frame. The shorter frame size means contractors and farmers can have a higher horsepower machine for heavy duty chores that can also be used in row crops.

The firm say the new powerhouse tractors are being introduced to meet the demand for growers who require increased power but who also want to retain the versatility to perform numerous jobs.

These new T7 series tractors deliver power without compromise, class-leading torque and high efficiency.

These models offer growers unparalleled versatility for performing a wide range of field and haulage jobs. Primary and secondary cultivations, drilling, baling, mowing and haulage tasks all fall within the capabilities of these new T7 models.

James Ashworth, New Holland's ROI marketing manager, said: "We're incredibly proud to present these new models to our customers and dealers. Our customers have been asking for more power on the T7 range, and now we've delivered it."

New Holland received an award at Agritechnica 2015 for the T7.315, with the tractor crowned "Machine of the Year" in the large tractor category.

The tractor was rewarded for its technical innovation and the benefits it brings to customers, with selection criteria focusing on innovative features, performance, productivity, cost of operation, ease of use and operator comfort.

Prices for the new T7 heavy duty New Holland tractors have been set as €246,832 for the T7.315 and €234,082 for the T7.290.

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The Horizon cab provides a quiet and comfortable operating environment, along with precision technology that enables growers to optimize efficiency and performance, while staying connected with their entire farming operation.

These new models also feature New Holland's revolutionary "IntelliCruise" tractor-baler automation that allows the New Holland baler to control the tractor's speed according to changes in the windrow to maximise productivity and bale consistency.

"These new models are perfect for farming operations that need the power of a large-frame tractor with the versatility of a medium-frame unit," explained Mr Ashworth.

"They can take on tasks that you would usually associate with a larger tractor while having the features to deliver great efficiency for PTO implements and transport work. They are ideal for farms and contractors whose tractors have to multi task."


The engines features New Holland's ECOBlue high efficiency selective catalytic reduction technology to meet Tier 4B emissions standards.

This after-treatment system allows the engine to optimise combustion, torque and fuel efficiency, thereby maximising power output from each cylinder. An electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger delivers the torque required to operate at low engine speed and react quickly to load changes.

The new T7 series models also feature New Holland's award-winning Auto Command continuously variable transmission with four direct drive points with 100pc mechanical efficiency.

These points have been positioned to ensure they match to the most frequently used speeds during high-speed field work such as baling or mowing, high-speed transport and heavy draft work.

For PTO work, New Holland claim these latest T7's lead the field. A four speed rear PTO and a two speed front PTO allow the engine to be operated as efficiently as possible.

If mowing in light crop conditions the operator simply uses the in-cab speed shift to select 1000rpm Economy for the front and rear mowers and then starts counting the fuel savings.

Hydraulic circuits have been redesigned to reduce parasitic losses so that no oil moves on these tractors unless it is required. With a 220 litre/minute pump available, significant oil flow can be obtained at low engine speeds.


The two new T7 models can mount larger group 48 and 49 tyres (2050mm and 2170mm diameters), with a rear tyre width up to 900mm.

This results in excellent traction and, most importantly, minimal soil compaction.

An added benefit for the driver is the ability to monitor the tyre pressure on the in cab computer display.

With this system an operator can set the ideal pressure for the job they are performing and monitor the pressure on up to 16 tyres. The operator receives a warning if the tyre pressure moves away from the set values, enabling them to optimise traction and minimise soil compaction and benefit from an early warning if a tyre is punctured, on a trailer for example.

For enhanced manoeuvrability, the ABS Super Steer option can reduce the turning cycle by up to 50pc by automatically applying the inner brake as field turns are made.

New Holland's Horizon cab offers the premium comfort levels of T7 models with extremely quiet operation at just 69 dB(A), the new generation ventilated seat with the quality trim of a luxury car, and the standard SideWinder II armrest.

Combining this comfort with the commercial vehicle systems of ABS and an exhaust brake, the T7 becomes a benchmark for haulage work.

At night all becomes clear with up to 20 LED work lights, meaning the 360° packages leaves nothing in the dark.

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