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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Healy orders full review of IFA finances

New IFA President Joe Healy. Photo: Frank Mc Grath.
New IFA President Joe Healy. Photo: Frank Mc Grath.

The newly-elected IFA president Joe Healy revealed he has started in the post without any agreement on his pay package, as he ordered a full review of remuneration and working conditions across the farming body.

It is one of a number of steps to deliver transparency set out in his opening address to the IFA AGM including reviewing all areas of income and expenditure, with the controversial levies system also up for review.

Mr Healy said he had pointed out during the election campaign that he would be satisfied if farm labour on his farm was covered and all vouched expenses were covered. "In any event the remuneration committee will look at it," he said.

Mr Healy said farmers were entitled to know the income and expenditure in the organisation, and pay for the new director general would be made public.

Farmers' income was a key issue on the election trail with Mr Healy warning that politicians need to "get serious and recognise there is a real income crisis on Irish farms".

He said more action was needed across Europe to effectively enforce Grocery Regulations to rebalance power in the food supply chain. He said they have written to Agriculture Ministers across the EU to gather support to tackle the tariffs on fertilisers.


He said it was important there was a government formed "sooner rather than later" as the "uncertainty" was not good for the country. While there are many new faces coming onto the national council, Jer Bergin remains on the executive board as national treasurer after a vote.

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The IFA council also voted in favour of changing the rules to allow part-time farmers take up posts such as regional chairs. This was a factor in the impasse over the Connacht regional chair position - which saw farmer and postman John O'Beirne ruled out of the race. The regions are due to nominate candidates again.

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