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Growth the plan as Horsch and Leeb merge to expand machinery brands

German cultivation and grain drill firm Horsch has embarked on a joint venture with fellow German firm Leeb, the manufacturer of trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

The new company is called Horsch Leeb Application Systems GmbH and will be headed by Theodor Leeb, the managing director of Leeb.

Horsch Leeb Application Systems GmbH will combine Horsch's own plant protection department and the Leeb development department to develop new and innovative sprayer technologies.

The two companies have worked closely together for more than 16 years on a wide range of projects and prototypes and this new partnership will have mutual benefits for both, with the arrangement giving Horsch access to the Leeb range of trailed and self-propelled sprayers and expanding its portfolio.

Leeb will undoubtedly benefit from Horsch's established sales network in Europe and the USA.

Two new sprayers, the Horsch Leeb PT 270 and Horsch Leeb GS 6000, will make their first public appearances at the Horsch Practical Field Days in the Czech Republic this summer.

Later in the year, the sprayers will also be on show on Horsch's stand at this year's Agritechnica in Germany.

Horsch UK expects to show the new products to UK customers next year.

Leeb currently has 50 employees working at its two facilities in Germany and, as an indication of their intent, the companies' joint statement says that both sites offer potential for plenty of growth for Horsch Leeb Application Systems GmbH.

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