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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Great land and good yard makes this 'The Real McCoy'

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

The birthplace of legendary greyhound 'The Late Late Show' is set to hit the headlines once more when it is sold under the hammer next month.

The dairy farm in south Kilkenny where the famed greyhound was bred has just come on the market and is certain to stir considerable interest.

"The Real McCoy" and "an exceptional holding" is how Kilkenny auctioneer Pat Gannon describes the property.

The 152.5ac farm is located outside the village of Kilmacow, in the townlands of Molum and Narrabaun North, and within five miles of Waterford city.

This is a superb farm and set out as a modern dairy unit. An extensive farmyard includes a mix of slatted sheds with cubicles for over 130 cows and replacements. There are also excellent calf-rearing facilities.

Another real attraction of the holding is both the quality of the land and the manner in which it is laid out in paddocks. Pat Gannon describes the farm as top quality grazing ground and this statement is not an exaggeration.

To use a phrase that is too often abused, the farm is both high and dry. Indeed, Pat Gannon recalls that when he visited the farm initially during the wet weeks of early February, he was able to drive out onto the land.

"I couldn't believe how dry the land was. This is an exceptionally dry farm and real early ground," he says.

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The holding is in two blocks, with 140ac located around the farmyard and almost 12.5ac situated across the road.

The main block is serviced by a network of excellent farm roadways and divided into fenced paddocks. Piped water is supplied throughout the farm, with good-sized water troughs in each division.

Given that grassland management is now the mantra for 'go-ahead' dairy farmers, this unit is ideally set up. The farm roadways provide easy access to all the paddocks, while strip grazing the divisions could be easily done. The property also has the back-up of a top class farmyard that has been developed over the last 30 years.

The main shed is 94'x78' in size. The slatted unit has a central passageway and cubicles for 88 cows. A second slatted house has cubicles for 28 cows.

Calving pens are located in a four-span shed that is adjacent to a purpose-built calf house. This house takes up to 80 calves.

In addition, there is a six-bay hayshed with lean-to, a 62'x60' shed with central passageway, open silage pits and the former milking parlour.

The vendors are Ray Harney and his brother Ian. Ray is well-known in greyhound circles and has bred a number of noted greyhounds, including The Late Late Show.

Pat Gannon expects strong interest in farm – which comes with €26,861 in entitlements – especially from dairy farmers and he is quoting a guide price of €12,000/ac to €14,000/ac.

"Very few farms that are this well set up for dairying have come on the market of late. This property could easily carry over 150 cows," he maintains.

The farm goes to auction on Friday, April 19 in the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny.

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