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Thursday 22 March 2018

Grass shortages and weather stifle trade, but well-fleshed stock selling

Joe Healy

Young dairy cows making €1,200-€1,600 in general

Grass shortages and climatic conditions continue to keep somewhat of a lid on the trade, especially for the plainer type stores. Well-fleshed stock, whether cull cows or prime heifers, remain in demand, while quality continental type stores continued to attract plenty of customers and some very fancy prices.

Young dairy cows were generally making between €1,200 and €1,600. Sucklers were selling from €1,200 to €2,000. Suck calves also sold well, with Continental bulls making from €350-550 in the main, while Friesian bulls made from €150-300.

Kilkenny Mart had a small sale of 580 head. Trade was somewhat sharper especially for beef bullocks and heifers and cull cows but plainer cattle were a bit tougher to sell. Heavy steers over 650kg were selling for €2.10-2.50/kg.

Continentals from 400-600kg were making €2.20-2.63/kg with the Hereford and Angus types selling for €2-2.25/kg. Lighter quality lots sold from €2.50 to €3.05/kg. Light Friesians made €2.12/kg. Well-fleshed heifers made from €2.08 to €2.50/kg. Heifers of 300-500kg sold for €2.05-2.69/kg. Continental cull cows ranged from €1.50-2.25/kg, with the Friesian cows making from €1.20-2/kg. Cows with a calf at foot made €1,000-1,450.

Calved dairy heifers sold for €1,150-1,600 down in Enniscorthy. Calved cows made from €850 to €1,300. Suckler cows with a calf at foot traded for €1,450-2,000/unit. Beef steers were selling for €740-1,070 over their weight. Stores sold for €250-900 over. Well-fleshed heifers made €600-1,000 with the weight, while stores were up by €40-50/hd and ranged from €350 to €770 over the €1/kg.

Fat cull cows made up to €800 over, while feeders sold back to €200 over. At their calf sale, the Continental bulls were selling for €375-610. Heifers sold for €300-520. Hereford and Angus bulls made €320-500, while the heifers moved for €210-450. Friesian bull calves made €150-430.

Bullocks over 500kg were making €1.72-2.52/kg at Mayo-Sligo Mart. Bullocks between 400-500kg made €1.80-2.87/kg. Lighter lots of 300-400kg sold for €2.25-3.50/kg. Heavy heifers of 400-500kg made €2.21-3.16/kg. The 300-400kg heifers were making €2.05-3.10/kg. Heifers under 300kg made €2.03-3.21/kg.

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Quality Continental bulls from 400-500kg moved from €2.35-2.93/kg. Lighter quality bulls from 300-400kg were making from €2.09-3.17/kg. Bulls between 200-300kg made from €2.25-3.48/kg. Weanling heifers over 400kg made between €2.18-2.99/kg. Heifers from 300-400kg sold for €2.11-2.94/kg. Lighter lots made from €2.32-3.16/kg. Fat cull cow sold from €1,150 to €1,450. Feeding cows made €800-1,065. Sucklers with a calf at foot ranged from €1,195 to €2,080/unit. In-calf lots made from €1,035 to €1,460.

Beef bullocks up in Raphoe made from €500-810 over the weight. Stores were selling for €340-840 over. Beef heifers made €465-875 over the €1/kg, with the stores making €315-825 over. Cull cow prices varied from €925 to €2,140.

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