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Monday 20 November 2017

Grant application a straightforward process

Bruce Lett

FILLING out the grant application form WG1 is pretty straightforward and even without the "Explanatory Memorandum" is relatively easy.

You will need a detailed description and estimated cost of works from the contractor or contractors who will drill the well and install the pumping system.

The county council looks for a lot of the contractor's details as well, including tax clearance certificate expiry date, income tax reference number and VAT number. The contractor also needs to be C2 registered. So be sure your well driller and pump man have these available before applying. Also required on the application is a map of the house site, to a scale of 1:2,500.

Once the application has been submitted, someone from the council will visit and inspect the site to determine eligibility and whether the proposed works qualify.

Septic tank

The location of the proposed well may be defined by the architect who designed the house and external layout, or by a water diviner. Either way, the council will want to ensure that the proposed well site is far enough away from the septic tank and percolation area (approx 120 metres).

When the works have been completed, the council will again inspect the site to see if they have been satisfactorily undertaken and completed, and that there is a satisfactory supply of water.

They will also take a water sample for testing (which is chargeable and usually taken off your grant) to ensure that the water is of satisfactory quality.

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On thing you cannot be certain of is whether your water supply will require treatment once it is brought to the surface. A water test by the council will determine if there is after-treatment required for bacteria, pH (acidity/alkalinity) or other contaminants. If the council determines that an after-treatment is required, then it will have to be fitted to comply with the water quality conditions of the grant.

Again, remember there is a maximum amount of money available from the grant so some local knowledge on the part of your well-drilling contractor or pump installer is invaluable. They may have an inkling about what lurks beneath the ground and what it may cost in extra treatment equipment.

A national bedrock survey is available on the Geological Survey of Ireland's website

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