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Friday 23 February 2018

Grain prices remain weak

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

Grain prices remain weak, with little good news for growers.

While buyers for green barley are reluctant to quote prices, it is generally reported to be making in the €120-130/t range.

Spot prices for dried barley range from €147-150/t, with October quotes ranging from €150-153/t. New crop wheat prices for harvest collection are in the €150-153/t price range, with €158-160/t offered for October collection. Quotes for oats vary from parity to €5/t under barley.

Yields for French winter barley are back anywhere from 20pc to 50pc. More worryingly for many French malting barley growers were the level of rejections, which were at a record high as bushel weights bombed through the floor.

Many samples varied from 50-55kph - well below the cut off-level of 63kph. The French wheat crop is forecast to be back 25pc to 43m tonne. However, bumper harvests in Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania are making up much of the shortfall arising from the French harvest.

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