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Saturday 20 January 2018

Grain moisture on the move

The new on-board grain moisture metering system for combine harvesters from RDS Technology
The new on-board grain moisture metering system for combine harvesters from RDS Technology

Bruce Lett

British firm RDS Technology recently launched a new on-board grain moisture metering system for combine harvesters.

The Combine Moisture Meter 100 (below) continuously monitors the moisture and temperature of the grain as it enters the combine's tank.

According to the firm, its Combine Moisture Meter 100 eliminates the need to make regular stops during harvesting to test grain moisture content and helps to quickly identify if conditions are, or are becoming, unsuitable for combining.

Using the same moisture sensor technology as its RDS Ceres system, a sensor is positioned at the top of the combine's own grain elevator as it transfers the freshly threshed grain from the bottom of the shaker shoe into the combine's tank.

Information from the moisture and temperature sensor unit is displayed on the in-cab RDS unit's screen.


RDS says its display unit is easy to use and features six separate channels lettered A to F. Each of the channels are pre-calibrated for up to six different crop types and each channel has an internal, audible and visual-warning alarm that sounds if the pre-set grain moisture threshold is exceeded.

RDS says that to ensure the accuracy of moisture readings, the Combine Moisture Meter 100 offers a 'nudge' function to manually fine-tune the moisture calibration to match a reference measurement, for example at the grain store.

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The grain temperature display is also available at the touch of a button.

The display unit is 100mm x 100mm and the design and function is familiar to many users as the firm supplies to several original equipment manufacturers, including Irish firms McHale, Conor and Tanco.

Price of the unit, fitted to any combine new or old, from Irish distributor Wextec Ltd, is €750 + VAT. It also comes with two years' warranty. For more details, check out or contact Wextec Ltd on (053) 9236464 or

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