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Good week for weanlings, but steers and heifers are back by up to 13c/kg

Ringside shows that last week was a good one for weanlings but it was a difficult week for the bullocks and heifers. Steers were back 1-6c/kg and the heifers down by as much as 13c/kg.

The majority of the steers were bought between €2.20/kg and €2.80/kg, with some of the better lighter types making up to and over €3/kg.

Heifers made €2.30-2.90/kg in the main. Poorer lots ranged from €2.00/kg to €2.15/kg. On the plus side, the weanlings were up by 5-19c/kg, with the bulls varying from €2.30/kg to €3.30/kg and heifers making €2.70-3.50/kg. Plainer weanlings made from €1.90/kg to €2.50/kg

The trade was a tad easier for steers and heifers in Kilkenny where 800hd were offered for sale. The heaviest of the bullocks were selling for €1.80-2.45/kg or €600-950 with their weight. Lots between 500-600kg sold for €1.80-2.60/kg, while the 400-500kg types made €1.90-2.90/kg.

Lighter steers ranged from €1.60-3.35/kg or €300-860 with the weight. Beef and forward store heifers were selling for €1.80-2.40/kg. Stores under 400kg moved at €2.00-3.00/kg. Continental cull cows were making €1.60-2.40/kg and Friesians €1.20-1.90/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot made €1,250-2,040/unit.

Numbers of steers and heifers were down at Ennis Mart but trade was up by about €10/hd. Bullocks under 500kg were making €2.20-3.26/kg.

Bullocks over 500kg sold for €2.00-2.79/kg, heifers under 500kg made €2.11-2.85/kg and heavier heifers sold for €2.07-2.58/kg. Feeding cows made €1.20-2.29/kg and beef cows from €1.70/kg to €2.23/kg.

Numbers in Kilrush were also smaller in all categories but trade held very strong especially for young stock. Friesian bull calves made from €110-165, whitehead heifers from €200-345 and whitehead bulls from €230-365. Friesians cull cows ranged from €1.20-1.88/kg. Heifers sold for €2.10-3.19/kg and bullocks for €2.00-3.02/kg

At Ballymote Mart the bullocks under 400kg were making from €380-725 over the weight. Bullocks between 400-500kg made from €400-900 over. Heavier lots sold for €460-875 with the €1/kg. Heifers ranged from €450-835 with their weight.

Suckler cows with a calf at foot or due shortly were selling at prices of €1,400-1,900/unit. Fleshed cull cows sold for €500-975 with the weight. Lots for further feeding made from €240 to €360 over.

Bull weanlings traded at €400-705 with their weight, while the heifer weanlings sold in a range of €310-600 over.

Carnew had 600 cattle and 160 calves offered for sale. With more farmer customers for light store heifers, prices were up by €20-30/hd and making from €450-850 with their weight.

Beef heifers sold for €600-1,000 over. The heavier steers were making €750-1,100 with the €1/kg, while the lighter types made €550-900 over.

They had 160 suck calves. Friesian bulls sold for €60-245/hd, continental bulls for €250-500 and heifers for €150-450.

The Angus and Hereford bull calves were selling for €220-415, with the heifers moving at €160-435.

There was a smaller sale of 400hd in Ballinakill, with the weather having a bit of a negative impact on the trade. Heavy steers were making €2.05-2.80/kg. Stores sold for €2.00-3.25/kg. Heavy heifers made €2.00-2.65/kg. Lighter lots were selling for €1.80-3.15/kg. Weanlings ranged from €1.80-3.15/kg. Cull cows made €1.60-2.15/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kg sold for €600-1,320 over the weight in Raphoe Mart. Store bullocks varied from €400-825 with their weight. Beef heifers sold for €600-905 over the €1/kg, while stores made €350-800 over. Cull cows ranged from €760-1,590/hd.

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