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Good week for heifers and bullocks, poor for weanlings


It was a poor week for weanlings

It was a poor week for weanlings


It was a poor week for weanlings

Ringside shows a good week for heifers and bullocks but a disappointing one for all weanlings. Light bulls were back by 7-20c/kg with the lots under 300kg selling for 210-280c/kg. Heavier lots made from 210-255c/kg. The weanling heifers were all back apart from the best of the 300-400kg types which were actually up by 16c/kg. Others were back by up to 13c/kg. A range from 200-280 bought the majority while the poorer lots sold for 160-185c/kg.

Steers had positive movement across the board at a spread of 180-240c/kg. The lesser types sold for 130-155c/kg. Heifers moved in the main from 190-240c/kg. Plainer heifers made from 165-180c/kg.

A big turnout for the Ennis weanling show and sale saw over 1,000hd on offer. Trade was very strong overall with a lot of top quality weanlings on offer. Weanlings over 370kgs were an excellent trade. Overall the average price was on a par with last year's show and sale. Heavy bulls made from €1.85-3.01/kg, 300-400kg from €1.45-3.05/kg and lighter bulls under 300kg from €1.96-3.18/kg.

Heifers over 400kg made from €1.80-2.79/kg, 300- 400kgs from €1.82-3.22/kg and lighter heifers under 300kgs from €1.78-3.50/kg. Suckler cow numbers were up and included a clearance sale. Cows with a calf at foot were making up to €2,050. In-calf cows sold to €1,200. Calf numbers were back on the previous week. Continental calves made up to €550. Runner heifers sold to €685 with runner bulls making up to €760.

They had over 1,000hd at their cattle sale and plenty of customers to buy stock. Overall trade was strong with good quality stores highly sought after. Heavy steers from €1.76-2.30/kg, stores from 450-600kgs made from €1.80-2.68/kg with lighter stores under 450kgs from €1.80- 2.70/kg.

There was a big sale of heifers and trade was again strong with beef heifers selling form €2.05-2.25/kg and stores form €1.80-2.58/kg. Cow numbers were increased on last week and trade was on par; Continental cows sold from €1.42-2.01/kg with Friesian cull cows from €0.95-1.48/kg. Cull Bulls sold for €1,680 or €1.71/kg.

The cattle trade was described as strong in Dowra mart on Saturday last with weanling bulls under 400kg making from €1.80-2.75/kg. Heavier bulls made from €1.70-2.35/kg. Store bullocks made from €1.70-2.55/kg while the heavier types over 600kg were making from €1.60-2.10/kg. Weanling heifers ranged from €1.70-2.70/kg. Store heifers were making from €1.60-2.55/kg. Heavier lots over 550 kg made from €1.60-2.25.

Bullocks made from €1.56-2.60/kg at Maam Cross mart. Heifers sold for €2.75-2.99/kg. The weanlings moved at €2.15-2.95/kg. Cull cows sold for €1.25-1.90/kg while sucklers with a calf at foot ranged from €1,075-1,320.

A bigger entry with 900 hd on offer at Carnew mart saw quality lots meet an improved trade with exceptional demand for quality weanlings suitable for export and prices of up to €3.50/kg paid for top lots.

Beef and forward store bullocks made from €600 - 950 over their weight. Lighter stores were selling for €350-750 over. Beef heifers sold for €480-820 with the €/kg. Stores were making from €280 - 770 with their weight. Cull cows ranged from €220 - 850 over. Prices for suckler cows with a calf at foot ran from €1,200-1,650.

Balla mart held their end of month Continental sale and had 820 lots on offer. The bullocks and heifers were a good trade and up €20-50/hd euro on the previous week due to the return of northern buyers. Store bullocks under 400kg made up to €640 with the weight in a range from €1.52-2.69/kg.

Heavier bullocks were selling for €1.54-2.54/kg. Heifers were a good all round trade. The lots up to 400kg and suitable for breeding were making from €1.64-2.65/kg. Heavy heifers made from €1.52-2.78/kg. A 9yr old Angus cow with a Shorthorn calf at foot peaked at €1,600 while a Charollais cow weighing 880kg topped the cull cows at €1,510.

In the weanling section the light bulls were selling for €2.21-2.34/kg. The heavier types made from €1.62-2.50/kg. The weanling sales commence with a show and sale on Tuesday, September 9.

Trade in Ballymote was steady despite the uncertainty in the beef trade with some winter finishers beginning to appear for nice forward type 2013 born cattle.

Bullocks under 450kg were making from €430-635 over the weight. Lots over 450kg made from €330-600 over. Heifers under 500kg sold for €380-605 with the €/kg. Lots over 500kg were making up to 550 over. Suckler cows topped out at €1,230/unit. Cull cows for further feeding made from €100-280 over the weight. Fleshed lots moved at €300-630 over.

Ballinakill had 300 hd of cattle for sale. There was a good trade all round with even the plainer and older cattle meeting better demand. Heavy steers were selling for €1.80-2.20/kg. Forward stores bullocks and store heifers made from1.80-2.55/kg. Lighter store bullocks made from €1.70-2.60/kg. Beef heifers and weanling bulls sold for €1.90-2.30/kg.

Store heifers ranged from €1.80-2.50/kg while the weanling heifers moved at €1.75-2.15/kg. Cull cows varied from €1.25-1.75/kg. A Simmental cow with a bull calf at foot topped the sucklers at €1,900.

Top class bulls over 600 kg in Raphoe sold for €430-810 with the weight. Beef bullocks ranged from €505-855 over the €/kg. Stores made from €360-785 over. Beef heifers were selling for €555-825 over the weight. Stores sold for €350 to €710 over. Cull cows ranged from €790-1,300.

At Enniscorthy mart, the suck continental bull calves made from €250-400 with the heifers selling for €170-340. Friesian bulls made from €70-250 depending on age and strength. Angus and Hereford bulls and heifers varied from €140-350.

Well fleshed cull cows in Ballina sold up to €1,450. Sucklers made up to €1,550.

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