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'Good appetite for land' as 26ac Meath farm sells for over €12,000/ac

Auctioneer Joe Fox was delighted with the sale of 26ac of grassland at the Co Meath village of Kilcoon. Located four miles from Dunboyne and four miles from Maynooth, the lands sold at auction for €315,000 or just over €12,000/ac.

Mr Fox, who was handling the sale, described the ground as fine Meath land. Although he accepted that it needed attention, he said it had great potential.

Obviously, those in attendance also believed in the potential of the property. When the auction opened at €100,000 there were five bidders in the field and in increments of €10,000 the price soon reached €230,000, at which point it was put on the market.

With two parties still in contention, bidding continued in smaller increments and after 37 bids the place was bought for €315,000 by a solicitor believed to be acting in trust for a local farmer.

The underbidder was also a solicitor.

Mr Fox added: "There's a good appetite for land around at present but there's not too much on the market around here."

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