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Monday 18 December 2017

Glanbia is forced into CAN recall

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Glanbia was forced to replace CAN fertiliser worth over €115,000 last week after the farmers who ordered it complained about its granule size and spreadability.

The fertiliser, which had been ordered by a number of large cereal growers in Co Kildare, was found to be prilled CAN, instead of granulated CAN.

The farmers contacted Glanbia to point out that the smaller granule size and salt-like texture of prilled fertiliser would not spread across the 20-28m tram lines they needed it for.

It is understood that some 360t of CAN, which at today's price would cost over €115,000, was collected and replaced by the merchant.

A spokesperson for Glanbia confirmed that the fertiliser in question had been removed and immediately replaced by CAN with larger granules.

She insisted that the quality of the fertiliser or nitrogen content was not in question, only the granule size.

"We have a small number of customers who require a very specific product with big granules," she said.


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"The wrong product went to the first farm and it was taken back immediately. In the context of the total number of tonnes we handle, this was a very small issue," she insisted.

However, IFA inputs team leader Chris Hayes has warned farmers to be vigilant about the quality of fertiliser they were paying for. There is no price discount between prilled and granular CAN, as there is in the case of urea.

"Farmers need to keep an eye on quality when paying exorbitant prices for product," he insisted, before adding that farmers needed to check bulk-spread fertiliser too.

Meanwhile, there is continued upward price pressure on fertiliser prices, with CAN up €5/t on last week at prices of €308-330/t for big bags delivered.

Bulk prices are some €18/t cheaper at best prices of €285-295/t.

Compounds have also moved upwards, with 18-6-12 costing €405-440/t, while 27-2.5-5 is also in that range.

Despite usually trading at €10 over 27-2.5-5, quotes for 24-2.5-10 vary from €405/t to €440/t.

In contrast, urea prices have slipped by €3/t in the past week, with best quotes for bagged granular urea down to €372/t in recent days. It appears weather and price resistance on the part of farmers have both played their part in this drop.

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