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Thursday 22 February 2018

Glanbia holds milk price

Glanbia chairman Henry Corbally.
Glanbia chairman Henry Corbally.

Dairy firm Glanbia confirmed it was looking at other mechanisms to deal with price volatility.

Henry Corbally, Glanbia chairman, said it was acutely conscious of the challenging weather faced by suppliers and they were looking at options to add to their fixed milk price scheme and the MilkFlex loan fund.

April milk prices will be set by processors in the coming days following Glanbia's decision to hold its price at 22c/l including VAT, with members getting a 2c/l top up.

A special dividend of 25c/share, worth €10.1m to all co-op shareholders, will be paid next week. The average Glanbia supplier will receive over €1,000. An ordinary dividend of 10c/l will also be issued.

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