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Sunday 17 December 2017

Giant hay minions create a despica-bale stir in Co Down village

Kirsten Elder

A giant Minion is on the loose in the Ballynahinch area and he is on his way to meet his other minion friends.

Will Brown, A Farmer from Spa, Ballynahinch built four minion hay bales for the Harvest Fair on Saturday 3 October. Will is well known in the area for his creativity on the farm, and producing something different each year.

Will, who is on a short break at the minute, said: “It started in 2012, I built a straw tractor and that was followed by a giant teddy bear, and then a dog. I was thinking about what would make the children happy, and it was my two daughters who suggested the minions. My wife is also a nursery teacher.”

It took Will only a few hours to transform the bales of hay in to minions, he said: “So far the reaction has been brilliant and it puts the pressure on for next year.”

William Brown, Harvest Fair coordinator who stood in for Will in his absence showed me the minions and said: “All the children coming from school show a great interest. Will does something like this every year, last year he had a sheep dog, the year before that he had the teddy bear. Dozens of people call daily and take them on their mobiles. They have been very popular.”

The minion on the loose and he should arrive there on Sunday 4 October, just in time to meet his minion pals for the Harvest Service.

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