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Friday 19 January 2018

Gerry: I'd love to write play about inspector visit

Family ties: Gerry Boyle's love of drama was passed on from his father, who appeared in John B Keane's 'The Field'
Family ties: Gerry Boyle's love of drama was passed on from his father, who appeared in John B Keane's 'The Field'

Martin Ryan

Talk about drama and Prof Gerry Boyle glows with enthusiasm as he plays his part in continuing a long family tradition on both sides of the footlights.

"I absolutely love drama," he says as his mind rolls back over his youthful days in Borrisoleigh where his late father, Joe, was always involved, both as an accomplished amateur actor and later producer with the drama groups around North Tipperary.

"I grew up with drama all around me. My father played a leading part in Hugh Friel's 'The Enemy Within' at the All Ireland Drama Festival at Athlone only a couple of years before he died. He was a very serious actor, and participated in one of the first productions of John B Keane's 'The Field'.

"I did a lot of acting myself in Dublin with the Dalkey Players. It is a great outlet and we took part in several festivals," he adds.


He also has an ambition to become a playwright of his own at some stage.

"I would love to do a play about the trials and tribulations of farmers.

"I have in mind something around the theme 'An Inspector Calls', with all that the arrival of the Department inspector involves for so many farmers today," he says.

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Since taking up residence in Rearcross, he has become producer to the Rearcross Players, a traditional amateur drama group that has been revived.

"I have seen a lot of good actors, but I can honestly say that the members of the Rearcross Players are an exceptional group – as talented on stage as I have ever come across," he claims.

So successful was their production of 'A Wake in the West' that they were able to donate €23,000 to local voluntary organisations and charities from the proceeds.

His other recreational love is for carriage driving with the thriving local club in the Rearcross-Newport area.

This group travel the highways and byways most Sunday afternoons between June and September for pleasure drives or competitive events. He has even been a winner at that, too, for his turnout.

"I love horses and there are a lot of them around the Rearcross area. We visit different parishes on the runs and raise some money for charity. It's great and I absolutely love it," he says.

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