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Sunday 18 February 2018

Ger Peters

GER Peters, from the Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary, has also tested the Parthenais crosses in his quest to produce the €3/kg weanling.

His conclusions on the Parthenais-cross Limousin are similar to that of the Pearsons but he has concerns about cows running thin while rearing the calf.

"They breed good calves but, in order to keep the condition on them, I reckon that it costs an extra €100/cow/season compared to the straight Limousin. Otherwise, they will be very slow to go back in-calf," Ger claimed.

Ger's favourite suckler cow is a pure, or almost pure, Limousin or good R or marginal U-grade. "These cows hold their condition and go back in-calf readily. They seem to carry the gene for small calves when crossed with a Belgian Blue so they have few calving problems. They have nice, tight udders that do not drop with age. They are not milky but I wean the calves at four to six months in any case," he said.

He sells weanlings for live shipping at about eight months. They are sold at a target weight of 320-330kg and price of nearly €3/kg.

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