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Sunday 18 March 2018

George Mudge makes the cut against an elite field

George going strong 60 years ong

A cut above: George Mudge
A cut above: George Mudge

Almost 60 years since he sheared his first sheep, George Mudge was still battling it out for world titles in Sunday's blade shearing final.

While the 67-year-old from Tavistock in Devon didn't manage to clinch any medal spot in the final, he was still very satisfied with his performance on the day.

"I was delighted to make it to the final six out of 27 countries from all over the world. It's always going to be a tall order for us in the Northern Hemisphere to beat the guys from the South in the blade shearing because, while we practice on a couple hundred sheep a year, they do about 10,000 each," said Mr Mudge.

The Merino sheep that are farmed in the Southern Hemisphere for their fine wool have more wrinkly skin that is prone to nicks and cuts with electric shears, so shearers find themselves still working the non-mechanised 'blades' on thousands of animals every year. Mr Mudge sheared his first sheep at the age of eight, and continues to run a flock of 100 ewes on his farm in southern England

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