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Saturday 18 November 2017

Genomic selection from within the farm gate is now becoming reality

Currently all Irish Holstein-Friesian pedigree registered males have to be parentage verified.

Parentage verification also uses the DNA of an animal but the approach used, in its current form, cannot be used for genomic selection.

However, the new lower density marker panel with 3,000 markers, and performing genomic testing, can also be used for parentage verification at no extra cost.

Hindering the process at the moment is information for the 3,000 markers on the pedigree of all animals. However, international trading of data will happen in the very near future and research will soon begin to try to translate across the different platforms, making this reality.

Although the cost of new genomic testing has not yet been agreed on, the cost should be similar in price to the current cost of parentage testing. Therefore, genomic selection within the farm gate is now a reality.

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