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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Gay prejudice 'still existent'

•The majority of young farmers surveyed believe that prejudice still exits against homosexuals in rural Ireland. More than 63pc of those surveyed said there is prejudice, 14.6pc said there wasn't and 22.3pc said they were not sure.

•More than 78pc of young farmers surveyed have a farm safety risk assessment completed on their farm. Some 76pc of those surveyed said it was a worthwhile document and 61pc said their farms were safer because of it. However, only 57pc said it was up to date and 20pc did not know where it was kept.

•More than 88pc of young farmers intend to vote in the Irish presidential election, with only 5.4pc saying they will not vote and 6.2pc undecided. When asked if the role of President of Ireland should be abolished, 70pc said no, 16.2pc said yes and 13.8pc were undecided.

•Ear to the Ground presenter Ella McSweeney was voted the number one sex symbol from a selection of journalists in the Irish agricultural media. The presenter, who also recently featured in the RTE series Stars Go Racing, received more than 50pc of the vote and beat nine other journalists to take the number one spot.

•When asked about their road use, more than 64pc of those surveyed believed their driving behaviour had stayed the same over the past 12 months, while 30.5pc said their driving had improved and 5.3pc said it had deteriorated. Some 16pc of those surveyed have received a speeding ticket from a mobile speed camera van.

•Given the choice, when asked if they would consider growing genetically modified crops, 38.6pc said yes, 35pc said no and 26.4pc were unsure.

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