From Mayo roots to a global player

The McHale F55001
The McHale F55001

While their balers are in use all over the world, a lot of people might not be aware of the humble beginnings of McHale.

The company, founded by brothers Padraic and Martin, evolved from a farm machinery retail outlet, which is still in existence today. In 1989 McHale's started manufacturing bale wrappers in Mayo. The company has since grown at a phenomenal rate.

Today, exports account for 90pc of sales and machines are sold in over 40 countries. In 2002 McHale entered the baler market with the launch of the McHale Fusion, which is now the leading integrated baler wrapper in the high volume balage markets.

In 2005 a standard fixed chamber baler was launched. The design of this machine was based on the Fusion and 85pc of the components are the same in both models. Since its launch it has developed a name as being a heavy-duty silage baler.

A non-chopper baler - the F540 - and a fully automatic baler, the F560, have also been added to the range.

The range has been further developed to include the most recent models, as featured here, and also the McHale V6 variable chamber baler range that is aimed more at the continental market.

McHale have always maintained that the west of Ireland provides an ideal testing ground where the terrain and climate are more demanding than anywhere else in Europe.The Cronins seem to agree.

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