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Saturday 17 March 2018

French won't impose Eco-taxe on Lorries travelling through Brittany

The French government has confirmed it will not apply its controversial Eco-taxe to heavy good vehicles travelling on roads in Britanny, in recognition of the region's ongoing agricultural crisis.

Milk lorries will not be subject to the tax, which is set to come into force in January 2014, while goods transported in the region will have a 50pc discount applied to the tax.

In August, French farmers smashed half a million eggs on public roads in Brittany and threatened to slaughter tens of thousands of hens in protest against falling prices.

The egg producers union UGPVB sought a 5-10pc cut in total egg production in France as a last-ditch attempt to increase prices. At the time, egg producers were being paid €0.05 per egg, a loss of €0.02 per egg.

The crisis in the poultry industry is being mirrored in other sectors within Brittany's intensive agricultural economy. A pork slaughterhouse and packing company, Gad, recently announced it would transfer or lay off almost 850 workers, while the partial closure of large poultry company Doux resulted in 900 job losses.

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