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Thursday 14 December 2017

Four out of five young farmers think they should be allowed bear arms

Cian Murray

Four out of five young farmers think they should be allowed bear arms to defend their property.

Meanwhile, half of 264 young farmers surveyed say they have been affected by rural crime.

These findings come from Macra na Feirme's 2016 Young Farmer Survey.

One of the farmers who took the survey complained about the lack of services in dealing with agricultural crime.

They said: "There needs to be an app or some text service that allows people to give information if they see suspicious activity.

Currently you only can contact crime stoppers if you see a crime being committed."

Another added that if a trespasser enters property with the intent to committing a crime, the farmer should have the right to do whatever is necessary to protect their land.

"What stops others from going into farms and doing the same?" they said.

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National President for Macra Na Feirme, Sean Finan, believes these results are representative of the frustrations felt by the farming community.

He told "I think these findings sum up the frustration that exists in farming at the moment. As President of Macra Na Feirme, I believe that arming farmers would be a last resort.

"There are a number of other things that should be tried before going down that route. I don't know if farmers are ready for this as it would make them targets, but this shows the fear that is being held in the farming community.

"This is because the necessary resources haven't been put into stopping rural crime. We need more gardaí on the beat in rural Ireland."

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