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Monday 21 May 2018

Forward store heifers and cull cows buck trend as trade takes summer dip

Joe Healy

A typical summer sale at Ballinakill, with small numbers and a slight dip in prices all round. The exception was the forward store heifers and cull cows, which were still a lively trade.

Small plain bullocks and bulls are proving difficult to sell. Heavy bullocks were selling for €2.00-2.65/kg. Forward stores were making €1.90-2.50/kg, with the light stores moving at €1.80-2.75/kg.

Weanling bulls made from €1.70/kg to €2.55/kg. Fleshed heifers sold for €1.65-2.55/kg. Stores traded at €1.50-2.10/kg. Weanling heifers were selling for €1.60-2.30/kg. Cull cows ranged from €1.10/kg to €1.75/kg.

Balla had a smaller sale of 448 cattle.

Trade was improved for the good heifers, with steer prices similar to the previous week.

Heavy bullocks were making €700-800 with their weight or €1.26-2.64/kg. Lighter plainer types were harder to sell and making around €350-600 with the weight or €1.69-2.71/kg.

Light heifers under 400kg were selling for €1.49-2.68/kg. Heavy heifers made from €1.88/kg to €2.79/kg.


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A five-year-old Limousin cow with a Belgian Blue heifer calf at foot topped the sale at €1,990.

A six-year-old 905kg Limousin cow was the best price in the cull cow section, making €1,630.

There was a small sale of weanlings. Prices were steady. Heavy bulls over 350kg made from €1.51/kg to €2.56 /kg. Ligher types made €2.18-2.43/kg.

The 700 cattle and 40 calves on offer at Carnew Mart met a very strong demand for quality lots and especially quality weanlings for export.

Lighter plainer cattle were an easier trade.

Beef and forward store bullocks moved at €550-900 over the weight.

Forward stores were making from €550 to €960 over, while lighter stores made €120-780 with the €1/kg. Weanling bulls ranged from €380 to €1,030 over. Beef heifers made from €550 to €900 with their weight. Stores sold for €280-720 over.

Prices for cull cows varied from €150 to €850 over the €1/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe were making from €735 to €1,085 over the weight.

Store bullocks sold for €485-715 over. Beef heifers were making from €520 to €990 over the €1/kg. Store heifers made €300-795 over the weight. Prices for cull cows ran from €700 to €1,640/hd.


There were only 440 head at Kilkenny Mart, with a shortage of grass and the fine weather hitting the trade.

Beef animals were in very short supply and were probably a shade better than in recent weeks, as were quality forward stores. Light store heifers were back a tad.

The heavy steers were selling for €2.10-2.48/kg or €620-895 over their weight. Forward stores made €1.75-2.30/kg.

Lighter stores sold for €1.70-2.60/kg or from €240-730 with the €1/kg. Beef and butcher heifers were making from €1.80-2.30/kg, with the stores selling at €1.60-2.25/kg or €250-500 over the weight.

Continental cull cows moved at €1.40-2.10/kg. Friesian types sold for €1.00-1.80/kg.

The 650kg+ continental steers in Tuam were generally making from €2.14-2.15/kg, with the 500-600kg lots making from €1.81/kg to €2.23/kg.

Lighter continental steers ranged from €1.66/kg to €2.65/kg. Heifers over 400kg sold for €2.07-2.43/kg or €440-600 with the weight.

The 300-400kg types made €2.13-2.74/kg. Cull cows over 670kg were making €1.82-2.09/kg.

Cull cows made up to €1,575 at Mayo/Sligo Mart. Cows with a calf at foot sold up to €1,700.

In the suck calf section, continental bulls peaked at €242, with the heifers faring a little better and selling to a top of €252.

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