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Saturday 24 February 2018

Forms for BVD compensation

Application forms for the one-off €100 welfare payment for any beef-bred cow whose offspring is removed under the voluntary phase of the BVD eradication programme are now available from the Department's website,

The Department's BVD compensation section in Portlaoise will also forward the necessary form to beef farmers whose calves are confirmed as Persistently Infected (PI).

Payments will be processed once the conditions of the scheme have been met, including the removal and slaughter of the PI calf and the testing of its dam.

The €15 subsidy will be paid directly to the animal collector on submission of the NBAS 31D form.

The latest figures from ICBF show that 73,000 animals have been tested during the first seven weeks of the scheme, with a PI positive rate of just 0.61pc.

The voluntary scheme has been a huge success with over 493,000 tissue sample tags sold so far this season.

'Consolidation has been failure'

New CSO figures on land ownership prove that all farm consolidation measures over the past decade have failed, ICMSA president John Comer claimed.

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The CSO figures reveal that the average holding increased by just over 1ha to 32.7ha over the last decade. "We still do not have a viable and workable system of farm consolidation based on imaginative taxation features and other measures," said Mr Comer.

Pig farmers call for price increase

Irish pig farmers need a price increase of 20c/kg to put them on a par with their European counterparts, IFA pigs chairman Tim Cullinan said.

"All the positive elements supporting producer prices such as strong exports and dwindling supplies are present and while EU producers are benefiting, Irish farmers are not," he said.

"Our European counterparts are paying €75 for 28kg weaners, while Irish farmers can only get €50 for an even heavier weaner pig."

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