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Friday 24 November 2017

Weather for haymaking next week says Met Eireann

Coolmore Stud, can make 27,850 bales of hay in just one day
Coolmore Stud, can make 27,850 bales of hay in just one day
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Early next week should afford good opportunities for haymaking, Met Eireann has said in its latest farming forecast.

Temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are expected to climb into the mid-20s, with strong sunshine and little chance of rain. Drying will be good over the weekend and next week, as little or no rain is forecast and warm sunshine is expected.

Met Eireann forecaster Liz Walsh said that while it was unknown how far north the good weather would extend, temperatures in most places will be “above average.”

It comes as the past week was much wetter than normal, with more than twice the average rainfall generally, and up to 3 times the norm in south Leinster.

However, don’t whip out the sunglasses just yet, however, as heavy cloud will linger for the next two days.

According to Met Éireann, today will be humid and cloudy, with scattered showers breaking out this evening. Temperatures will range between 17 and 20 degrees, with light winds blowing across the country.

Speaking on Morning Ireland, Ms Walsh added that some areas of the country would experience “hazy sunshine”, with “low pressure coming in from the south.”

Thursday will see much of the same, with  stronger winds in coastal counties. Temperatures are not expected to exceed 18 degrees.

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Friday will be “murky” and damp, but temperatures will begin to rise ahead of the warm weekend.

Met Éireann said: “The misty and murky conditions are expected to retreat to northern and western counties during the afternoon, allowing sunny spells to develop in the parts of the east and south.

“There is now potential for locally quite warm temperatures in parts of the south and east with maxima of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius.”

Ms Walsh said of the coming weekend: “If you're a fan of warm and sunny, I have some good news for you.”

Saturday will see “long spells of sunshine”, with temperatures hitting the mid-20s in many parts of the country.

This is set to continue into Sunday and early next week, when winds will ease and rain will hold off.

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