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Monday 11 December 2017

Gorse fires blaze as extreme fire risk warning put in place

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Conditions of extreme fire risk are prevalent around the country at the moment, with the Department of Agriculture warning that the weather is 'ideal' for wild fires.

It comes as fire crews in Dublin battled blazes as the weather hots up and a Condition Red Extreme warning is in place.

It says that a high pressure system associated with extreme fire risk potential is currently located North-East of Scotland and is likely to induce moderate to fresh low-humidity airflows over Ireland in coming days.

These easterly airflows are forecast to coincide with relatively high temperatures and periods of sunshine, while a fine fuel moisture code levels are currently above 85 and may rise beyond this level further.

It says that this type of pattern has previously been associated with extreme fire events under Irish conditions.

It also warns that there is a strong potential for rapid fire spread in fine fuel types where ignitions take place in typical upland fuels and that these conditions are likely to last until Saturday.

According to the Department, the issue of Condition Red Extreme fire risk warnings is a comparatively rare event and implies that recipients should take immediate action to protect resources and property.

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