Origin Green brand under threat from carbon emissions - Green Party

Eamon Ryan. Photo: Justin Farrelly
Eamon Ryan. Photo: Justin Farrelly
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Trading under the Origin Green brand may not be possible in the future if Irish agriculture doesn’t step up its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, leader of the Green Party Eamon Ryan has claimed.

Addressing delegates at the Department of Agriculture’s CAP consultive meeting in Newbridge today, the former Minister said that “the fight between agriculture and the environment can no longer continue” and feels that our ability to trade under the Origin Green brand could be at risk if we do not make active efforts to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment.

“We’re trading under an Origin Green brand but we won’t be able to continue to trade under Origin Green the way we’re going.

"In some point in time our competitors will go to Greenpeace and will say that Irish butter is not very green. People will say that it’s fake news, a fake story and a fake brand,” he said.

Mr Ryan also warned that Irish agriculture will not meet its 2020 targets and especially won’t meet the higher 2030 and 2040 ones.

“Agriculture won’t get a free pass from Department of Transport and Department of Energy for much longer. It’s pure physics that we have to cut out emissions and that it has to be profound,” he said.

“Just doing offsetting with the rest of the world won’t work. We have to stop doing accounting tricks and have to really cut the carbon.”

He added that paying farmers incentives to mitigate emissions and reduce their impact on the environment is the way forward.

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“Farmers need to be paid for water management and for energy. Nothing has been done in affect for anaerobic digestion and solar yet.”

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