Green Party insists it wants to be an "ally of farmers and not an enemy"

Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan
Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The Green Party wants to become the allies of farmers and not enemies, its leader Eamon Ryan has said.

Mr Ryan told FarmIreland that his party doesn't attack farmers and that in recent years the interests of farmers and environmentalists have become combined.

"We have been sitting down with Irish farmers and increasingly we want to be allies not enemies. It is about taking on the power structures such as the big retailers, processors and cartels. We’ve a common cause," he said at a recent CAP briefing in Leinster House.

"We're absolutely on the side of the small farmer."

Mr Ryan added that "climate challenges cannot be addressed without addressing agriculture and if some people see that as attacking agriculture it’s not."

“If some farm organisations think we should stop that vegetarianism and veganism talk, well we beg to differ," pointed out Mr Ryan.

He stated that the Green Party is likely to hold the balance of power in the next European Parliament and will be a key player when voting on agricultural issues to create a CAP policy that supports farmers and consumers.

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