Farm Ireland

Saturday 17 February 2018

Forced cattle sales


Prices for similar loads for Friesian cattle fell by as much as €60-80/hd in Kilkenny in the space of a week, according to auctioneer George Chandler.

Meanwhile, prices fell by up to €40/hd at Ballinakill Mart on Saturday. Most classes of animal on offer suffered a fall of €30-40/hd. Heavy bullocks sold for €1.90-2.70/kg, while forward stores made €2.10-3.00/kg and lighter stores made €1.95-3.10/kg.

At Balla Mart, the best quality animals among the 750 lots met a steady trade at €1.74-2.50/kg, but lighter bullocks proved harder to sell at €1.47-2.90/kg.

Ennis Mart manager Martin McNamara said he had noticed an increase in the number of heavy cattle coming through the mart ring in the past fortnight, although prices had held up so far.

"The last two weeks we have had more cattle over 600kg coming through the ring," he said. "Farmers want to get them off the land and don't want to put them into a shed."

Nonetheless, Mr McNamara said prices at Ennis Mart were on a par with the same time last year, when there was also bad weather.

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